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Product Description

The RadStar GM 1-2 is a unique diagnostic aid designed specifically for the needs of radon mitigation professionals. The grab sampler feature is the perfect diagnostic tool to assist in the location of potential radon sources of ingress and allows a profile of comparative readings throughout a property to be identified. The micro manometer measures atmospheric pressure and can be used to measure pressure field extension to ascertain the best location(s) for a retrofit radon sump system.

Radon Grab Sampler Features
  • Performs a 6-minute radon grab sample
  • Displays real-time alpha particle counts
  • Readings in Bq/mor pCi/l
  • Approximately 5 hour battery life
  • Can also be used when running from mains power

Micro Manometer Features
  • Time Average option adjusts readings for high wind or other environmental conditions
  • Readings can be in WC or Pascals
  • Approximately 5 days battery life if only being used as micro manometer function

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RadStar GM 1-2