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Passive Radon Detectors

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Passive radon detectors are the most commonly used method of testing buildings for radon gas. Suitable for both homes and workplaces, single-use passive detectors are simply left in place for a certain amount of time before being posted back to us for laboratory analysis.

Types of Passive Radon Detector Kits

3 Month Radon Test kit 

Where possible, testing should be carried out over a three month period, as this will take account of fluctuations in indoor radon concentrations. You can order a 3 month radon test kit here.

10 day Radon Test Kit

Where a result is required more quickly, a 10-day radon test kit can be carried out which will provide a good indication as to whether high radon concentrations are likely to be an issue.

Our radon detectors are analysed at an independent, third-party laboratory that is validated by UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) Results reports are emailed within 10 working days of receipt of detectors, but can often be available sooner than this.

Top Tip: "We recommend using 3 month radon test kits wherever possible.             
A 3 month test gives the most accurate results of the radon levels in the property." 

If you are looking to place a large order to test a portfolio of properties, or would like a quotation to include the placement & collection of detectors, please contact us.

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3-Month Radon Test Kit

10 review(s)

3-Month Radon Test Kit

10 review(s)

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