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EcoQube Smart Radon Monitor
EcoQube Smart Radon Monitor
EcoQube Smart Radon Monitor
EcoQube Smart Radon Monitor
EcoQube Smart Radon Monitor

Product Description

The EcoQube is a compact and user-friendly radon monitor that's perfect for homeowners or employers looking to keep a constant eye on radon levels in their properties.

With its WiFi functionality, the monitor connects to a smartphone app allowing owners to remotely monitor radon levels, whenever they need to and wherever they are. Thanks to its state-of-the-art sensors with industry-leading sensitivity, the EcoQube delivers the first results within 10 minutes and a highly reliable result within one hour. Users are also able to track trends over 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and beyond using the graphical displays within the app. Customisable notifications can also be set to alert you to high radon concentrations, so you’re always aware and ready to take action when necessary.

Its sleek design and simple interface make the EcoQube a valuable addition to any home or workplace*. You are also able to share your results with other app users, be that relatives, colleagues or your radon mitigation consultant.


Radon Sensor: Pulsed ionization chamber

Radon Sensitivity: 30 CPH (Count Per Hour) per 1 pCi/L (37 Bq/m3)

Radon Accuracy/ Precision: < ±10% at 10 pCi/L (370 Bq/m3) after 10 hours

Radon Measurement Rate: Every 10 minutes

Radon Measurement Result: 60 minutes moving average

Radon Measurement Range: 0.2 ~ 99.9 pCi/L (7~3,700Bq/m³)

Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz network required), Bluetooth (Bluetooth required for set up only)

Radon Alarm: Integrated audio alarm (configurable to set radon level)

Radon Level Visual Indicator: 3 - colour LED on front side

Power Supply: USB cable only supplied. Requires compatible USB plug or wall socket.

Weight: 110g

Operating Temp Range: 0~40°C

*To comply with workplace health and safety legislation, additional monitoring using passive detectors that are analysed in a validated laboratory may be required if the device is used in a workplace.

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EcoQube Smart Radon Monitor