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EcoBlu Digital Radon Monitor
EcoBlu Digital Radon Monitor
EcoBlu Digital Radon Monitor
EcoBlu Digital Radon Monitor
EcoBlu Digital Radon Monitor

Product Description

The EcoBlu is a highly accurate yet simple to operate digital radon monitor. Offering real-time and long-term measurement modes, the device requires no setup and is truly 'plug and play', straight out of the box.

The monitor will provide the first result in minutes and can be set to display daily, weekly, monthly or yearly average readings or the real-time concentration. The LED screen is easy to read, and the unit can be configured to sound an audible alert if radon levels exceed your desired concentration.

Thanks to the high sensitivity of the device, it can be used to track fluctuations in indoor radon concentrations, for example the effect that opening a window has on the radon concentration, switching on the heating or installing an active radon mitigation system.

All of these features are packed into a sleek palm-sized device designed to blend into the modern home or office*


Radon Sensor
Pulsed Ion chamber

Radon Sensitivity
18 CPH (Counts Per Hour) per 37 Bq/m3

Radon Accuracy/ Precision
< ±14% at 370 Bq/m3 after 10 hours

Radon Measurement Rate
Every 10 minutes

Radon Measurement Result
 1 hour / 1 day / 1 week / 1 month moving averages

Radon Measurement Range

Radon Alarm
Integrated audio alarm (configurable to set radon level)

Radon Level Visual Indicator 
LED display

Power Supply
USB cable only supplied. Requires compatible USB plug or wall socket.

155 g

Operating Temp Range

*To comply with workplace health and safety legislation, additional monitoring using passive detectors that are analysed in a validated laboratory may be required if the device is used in a workplace.

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EcoBlu Digital Radon Monitor