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Canary Pro Radon Monitor
Canary Pro Radon Monitor
Canary Pro Radon Monitor
Canary Pro Radon Monitor
Canary Pro Radon Monitor

Product Description

Please note that the Canary Pro has recently been re-branded by the manufacturer and is now known as the Corentium Plus by Airthings. The product itself remains unchanged.

The Canary Pro is a radon measurement tool designed for professionals who wish to analyse fluctuations in radon concentration over a period of time. Engineered to include multiple state-of-the-art sensors, the Canary Pro will record everything needed to fully understand fluctuations in radon concentrations and the immediate environment.

With the same sleek design as the basic Canary model, the Pro version comes with the Canary Report & Analyse software package allowing the user to download data from the monitor to a PC for analysis.

Using the CRA software, users can create reports showing the radon concentration over a given period of time or, for example, during Monday-Friday working hours. This facility is particularly useful when ventilation systems are switched off overnight and over weekends. Data from multiple monitors placed in the same property can be uploaded and compared on the same screen.

The Canary Pro also includes temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and tilt sensors (allowing the user to ascertain whether the monitor has been interfered with during the test period).

The Canary Pro samples indoor air through a passive diffusion chamber and then uses alpha spectrometry to precisely calculate the radon concentration. Detection is carried out using silicon photo-diodes to both count and measure the energy of alpha particles resulting from the decay chain of radon gas. The instrument is calibrated to reference instruments in accredited laboratories. It is recommended that the unit is returned for recalibration annually.

Software functionality
  • Excel compatible
  • Fast and reliable data upload with Micro USB cable
  • Selecting day or hour to study temporal variations
  • Merging results from more monitors to increase sensitivity
  • Easy one-click standard reporting
  • Customizing own reports
  • Plots:
    • Average per day
    • Hour to hour variations
    • Accumulated day and week level
    • Indication in plot for action level
    • Temperature, relative humidity & atmospheric pressure

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Canary Pro Radon Monitor