Frequently Asked Questions About Radon Testing?

Frequently Asked Questions About Radon Testing?

In this guide, we will answer the most frequently asked questions from our customers related to radon test kits/ radon detectors.


I Have Lost My Testing Instructions - What Should I Do?

We can send you an email containing a copy of the paperwork.   Email us at with your name and the testing address to request this.  Simply print out the paperwork and complete the detector numbers, their locations, and the start and end test dates.

I Have Lost The Little Detector Envelopes – What Should I Do?

If you have mislaid your little foil envelopes, don’t worry.  When it is time to return your detectors, simply wrap them individually in tin foil and return them to us.

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Where Should I Send My Detectors To?

After the testing, immediately return your detectors to Properteco Ltd, Sherrington House, Sherrington Lane, Broxton, Cheshire CH3 9JU.

What Happens To My Detectors When They Are Returned?

The detectors are delivered to a UK-based Public Health England-approved laboratory and they are carefully analyzed for radon concentrations.  A radon report is produced and emailed to you usually within 10 working days (or sooner).

I Haven’t Received My Results Yet?

Please be patient.  The results take about 10 working days to process and send to you.  These are sent by email.  If you haven’t received them, check your “junk” folder too.

Do The Detectors Have a Shelf Life?

Yes, the detectors need to be opened and used within a period of time.  The 10-day detectors have a shorter shelf life than a 3-month detector.

What Should I Do If I am Not Opening My Detectors For a Short While?

If you receive your detectors and decide not to open and place them for a short period of time, keep them unopened in the freezer until you are ready to use them.  The 10-day detectors have a shorter shelf life and should be placed within 10 days of receipt.  The 3-month detectors can usually be kept in the freezer for up to 2 months before you use them.

Does The Cost Of The Test Kits Include The Analysis And Results Processing?

Yes, once you have purchased your test kits, you will receive clear instructions on what to do.  The detector cost includes the laboratory analysis and the results which are emailed to you.

How Many Detectors Do I Need?

This depends on the use and type of property.  For a workplace, you need to test the main meeting areas on the ground floor and a selection of areas on the floors above.  If the workplace has a basement, additional testing is required.   We recommend that you contact us at and we can advise further.

For the home, we recommend that you test the ground floor's main living room and the 1st-floor main bedroom.  For a bungalow, we recommend that you test the main living room and main bedroom, although you should try to test at each end of the bungalow to get the best results.

What Should I Do If I Have High Radon Readings?

If you have high radon readings, then contact Properteco, who provides personal and nationwide radon advice, testing, and mitigation service to help you reduce your radon levels to a safe level.  Don’t panic, seek their advice.

If I Order Today When Will I Get My Detectors?

Any orders received are despatched within 24 hours using Royal Mail.

When I Send The Detectors To You, How Long Will It Take Get The Results?

We estimate that you will get your results by email within 10 working days (or sooner) from the date we receive your detectors.

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