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Radon levels fluctuate constantly so it is preferable to carry out a test over several months in order to obtain an average reading. In certain situations this may be impractical, for example during the process of buying a property.

In these instances, a short-term screening test can be carried out to provide an indication as to whether high radon concentrations are likely to be a problem. 

This kit is ideal for use in most average-sized homes. Simply place one detector in a living room and one in a bedroom to ensure that the locations with highest occupancy are tested.

If your property is very large, has been extended or has a basement, you may require additional detectors so that further areas can be tested.

Please note short term screening tests are not suitable for use in workplaces to obtain a valid risk assessment.

Kit contains:

2 x passive radon detectors, to be left in place for 10 days (or longer)

1 x tracking form

1 x instructions for use

Price includes laboratory testing & results report

Our radon detectors are analysed at an independent, third-party laboratory that is validated by a UK based laboratory to ensure a speedy test result. Results reports are emailed within 10 working days of receipt of detectors, but can often be available sooner than this.

Please note that return postage is not included.

Detectors have a limited shelf life and should not be stored for long periods before being used; this may invalidate the test and prevent us from issuing a results report. Please begin the test as soon as possible after receiving your order. 

You can store the detectors for up to 10 days but they must be placed in a freezer unopened.

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10 Day Radon Screening Test Kit (2 Detectors)